2020: The Year It Rained Lemons

When it rains, it pours.

2020. A gratitude jar filled with lemons.

12 months. How do we really look back and count seemingly endless days and hours? The year that is about to end in a few hours will not be complete without whispering a word of gratitude. We are still here, awaiting the first day of 2021.

This is a blog with a few words. But as they say, pictures say a thousand…

Special Shout Out to our customers, friends and communities who have helped all of us thrive:

Alima PH
Argao Guilang’s Tableya
Carbon Market Cebu
Cheese & Cheese
Chris Luard
Cove Cafe Cebu
Dhupa Fragrance
Draft Punk Cebu
Ea Torrado of Daloy Movement
Eli Harrell
Entrepreneur Beach Club
Gaia Center Cebu
Gallipott Organic Apothecary
Gassho Circle
Happy Tails Philippines
JagoTown Entertainment
Atty. Jocelle Batapa-Sigue
KitsKitchenn Cebu
Lun-haw Vegan Cafe
New Era Electronics
Orange Hub
PAILIG Development Foundation
Publiio, LLC
Sameera Sachdev-Win Over Mind Group
Shanghai Chef
SOLTI Boutique
St. Rita’s Farm
Tech IT or Leave IT
The Asia Foundation Go Digital ASEAN
Tuesday’s Treats Cebu
Zarah Windy