Day 11. Headed Towards The Next Normal

What I tell my brain when I tell it to shut up

Today I learned:
📌 my mind tells me what it wants me to listen to.
📌 I can choose to tell my mind to shut up 🤐
📌 acceptance has nothing to do with giving up
📌 journaling is therapeutic

1. Reflect on small wins. I am confronted with a string of good news this last week. One of them is forgiving myself for not being able to sit and update this page for a few days.

Win #1. There were two very  timely Facebook Live events that gave me a boost on Wednesday;

Win #2. Team received encouraging news about our startup competition entry;

Win #3. Unlimited quietude, emotional isolation completely optional. Connecting more frequently with family and friends is easier and conversations flow more freely.

Win #4. 1-Year Free Trial from Apple TV+.

2. Practice Gratitude. Name at least 3 or 5 things I am grateful for using the five senses.


#1. Internet. Allows me to connect with loved ones, continue professional learning and post on this blog as often as I choose. Look what Rob Hartnett, #TheHartnettGroup shared on his LinkedIn feed.

#2. Food. How to cook for two with no leftover and  zero waste. Considerably less takeout and delivery.

#3. Utilities. Electricity and Running water. Modern day luxuries. Can you imagine being quarantined with limited supply of electricity or running water?

3. Set Intention. This week, we set the intention to

– encourage and uplift family, friends and receive the same encouragement from them.

– openly adapt a new way of doing things to serve a bigger purpose.

– be open to opportunities, collaborate and assist where we can using our team’s experience and expertise.

Another week has passed. It is Easter Sunday and today, may we all draw comfort from the story of Jesus, and the stone that was removed –signaling new life and living hope for a better tomorrow.