Day 167. Mindfulness in Social Media

Paying attention to what’s under the public’s microscope these days can tell you a lot about the behavior of any community or group of people and can teach you how to respond mindfully.

Sign Up. Log In. Remember Me. Keep me logged in. Scroll. Browse. Click. Scroll. Click. Refresh. Browse. Click.

The digital ‘universe’ exploded almost four decades ago and continues to see exponential growth. It has given birth new economies and changed the way people communicate, do business, learn and interact.
Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram. Snapchat. Pinterest. Reddit. These are the dominant online platforms when it comes to active engagement and channels for social media marketing.
Social media sites have opened up instant access to friends, network, and news.
Social media sites are channels of information, opinions, rants, and viewpoints, etc.
These media platforms, as good as its intentions and purposes may have its drawbacks. Paying attention to what’s under the public’s microscope these days can tell you a lot about the behavior of any community or group of people and can teach you how to respond mindfully.
  • Toxic Positivity
 Stress and anxiety have never been more prevalent than in the age of ‘connectivity’.
Observing mindful practices during screen time can help you navigate and declutter your social media pages. By being aware of the accounts that bring toxicity, you can start reaping the benefits of mindfulness.
“Privileged” personalities have been called out for spreading good vibes that are seemingly positive but have toxicity engraved within the roots. Living day to day with a positive mindset no longer does the trick.
Online personalities have to level up their game and do something about the reasons why we have to think optimistically in the first place.
Social media is not just an online platform, it is a community. We have responsibilities. What are some ways to cultivate mindful calls-to-action for social media users that are grossly overlooked these days?
  • Empathy
Connect with your peers on a soul-deep level. Reach the hearts and alight the flames of your social neighborhood. Real connection builds camaraderie and forges understanding.
  • Influence 
It is most especially in this pandemic that a social circle is formed through online platforms. 3.8 M people are on the internet with an average of 144 minutes a day used up only on social media sites. One post, whether intended or by accident, will create an impact.
  • Advocacy

Though the internet is an open-for-all world, it has its socially-acceptable content. Promoting positivity alone can backlash. Support efforts that bring back faith in humanity.

Social Media: A Lawless Platform

Creating meaningful, relevant, useful content goes a long way. Rousing peace and order is a new way to cope with the internet’s growing chaos.

“NBI arrests teacher for online post offering 50 Million…”

“Koreans receive criticisms for…”


These social media platforms have no boundaries in filtering content.

Users are liable for consequences of mindless online activity.

Having an account in an online platform gives users access to the power of information and influence. It is wise to practice mindfulness when harnessing this power.

Words, photos and videos have the ability to influence the way people think. Social media users have to own the responsibility of mindfully filtering, fact-checking before posting.

Terms and Conditions: User’s Safety and Security

Do you accept the Terms and Conditions?

Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. YES, I accept the Terms and Conditions.

How far do the Terms and Conditions cover the user’s safety and security from the world’s tangible involvement?

According to Digital Users Worldwide 2020, there are 4.57 B people on the internet as of July 2020. That is more than half of the world’s entire population. Consider this for a moment.

What percentage actually care about the fine print unless their data has been compromised?

Disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability

This gives the online platform the right to deny the validity, or not hold itself liable, for your content.

Social media only enables you to be heard. What you publish is of your own volition.

Think. Reflect. Post.

Think twice before you post. Think before you react. Validate facts before sharing.

Being on social media platforms automatically reels you in to a much larger community. Social Media amplifies your voice and spreads your message faster.

It is a privilege to have access to this power. Along with great power is great responsibility.

It pays to be mindful of how social media opens a huge door of opportunity for you.

Make an impact. Make your participation worth it.



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