Day 3. Resetting and Rebooting

Series of Thoughts from WFH Experience

[Note: A few friends asked me why I skipped Day 1 in this series. Valid question. It was the day of ‘quiet and stillness’. It was the day I shifted my focus on the present and allowed myself to do nothing–not even worry. It was the day I got reminded that change is inevitable. Life is ebb and flow. All aspects of life is, including the way we work. It was the day I unplugged and hit the reset button on our agency’s plans for the mid-term. I hope that helps answer the question.]

I was going over my notes from a recent online conference organized by Perry Nalevka and team at Penguin Strategies. If you missed it, here are the session recordings. It is gratifying to join a group of people coming together to organize and speak about very timely and helpful topics. I believe there were over 900 or so people in attendance at the virtual conference. (Congrats and thank you, Penguin Strategies team!)


On to today’s Daily Drucker nugget. Four keywords and phrases jumped out at me: Purpose; Enable; Common Men; Uncommon Things.

In his book, ‘Start With Why’, Simon Sinek wrote, All organizations start with WHY, but only the great ones keep their WHY clear year after year.” Teams that observe this practice are more likely to weather unpredictable situations. Teams thrive even if they take a serious hit.

Not going to convince anyone that it is business as usual and certainly not going to preach from a playbook on how to emerge successful. At this point, we are happy–no, GRATEFUL to still be able to publish this blog.

We are mindfully doing a reset on our team’s efforts and plans whilst being available for clients who have hit the INDEFINITE PAUSE button. At some point hopefully in the near future, we will all need to restart and fire up engines again.

Performance ‘achievement’ may suffer for a while but our Standards remain the same.

Opportunities abound. We continue to witness creativity, ingenuity, adaptability and compassion in the face of clear threat and present danger.

We got each other’s backs and do what we can to encourage and uplift each other and our community. What is going viral now is emotional, mental support amongst our friends and family.

Integrity. We have seen good days, bad days, in-between days, so-so days, yesterdays, and today. Tomorrow is hopeful. Life is.