Day 53. Who is still counting?

Disclaimer: The writer makes no prophetic claims and is just plainly being her creative self.

I had an outline prepared last week for today’s scheduled blog post. It is still a lonely draft, aging in my draft folder. I am not going to divulge the topic for fear that I will spoil the suspense.

As I sat down thinking in my designated work space in the dining room and then later decided to move and sink deeper in the gray sofa this afternoon to get some writing done, I could not keep myself from making a face at the tragically futile attempt to hash out digital marketing-related stuff–thinking that there ARE countless powerful resources available online for that. I might have better luck with a list-post on a Monday or a Wednesday. I could procrastinate, it being a Sunday, but I had this item on my imperatives before I start a fresh week. I do not like indecision. So I am sharing what has been going on in our side of the pond since Day 36.

Entering the second month, we thought of keeping ourselves productive while being helpful. We did not have any new project in the pipeline and the proposals that we sent out prior to the quarantine were all put on indefinite hold. The team and I started looking insipidly at the daily humdrum of the news, political clashes on social media and the increasing entertainment we were getting out of people belting out songs on Facebook Live and showing off their dancing or acting prowess on TikTok. We looked at each other and asked, ‘What if we use our resources: our computers, internet connection and stuff we knew how to do so we can help others?’ Since we do not have enough resources to cook daily for 30-50 people or buy materials for PPEs, why don’t we help those who do these things?

E-commerce and social media are our team’s sweet spots. So we came up with #PayITForward (banner on the left). Using information technology, we were able to help raise funds, awareness, deliver home-cooked food and fresh farm produce to the local community while sitting at home in our work pajamas.

Our advocacy was supported by people who bore the same burden as us through this time of uncertainty. It is funny how informal community meet-ups help spread the Filipino ‘Bayanihan’ spirit. It is an amazing experience to witness this firsthand.

(NOTE: The WORK PAJAMAS is a Work-From-Home fashion idea we thought about a month prior, but thought against at the moment, because none of us knew yet how to get this whole idea off the ground in this situation).


Our boutique digital marketing agency turns four (4) on June 8th–barely two weeks from now. This post purposely preempts the actual date since I really consider the number 4 as a symbol for sturdy and strong (like a table or a chair with four legs, or a room with four pillars…)

So leading up to our fourth year anniversary, I really have to say that there have been countless moments filled with gratitude and inspiration, mixed with quiet days and busy days. Ours is not going to be a big and fancy office party this year. In fact yesterday it was a walk-by bonanza between me, my sister and Jeebs. We were waving at each other frantically–Lei and I on the 15th floor window of our condo-office and Jeebs in a forest green shirt, standing across the street bearing his classic neon orange umbrella. Mind you, It was not raining. It was high noon at 33C and 70+% humidity. We were on Skype because we were afraid screaming like little kids in the community playground would be way too much for our neighbors to put up with. There was no confetti although that would have added a more festive touch to the occasion. So a date was sent to meet for breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner and possibly a nightcap after all this quarantine episode in our lives is over.

What if quarantine meant going offline, off-the-grid, out-of-touch?… After experiencing this, I have larger hopes and I feel the need to be more intentional than ever–more than simply ‘connected’. I feel we will have been warned enough and given some time to prepare for the unknown.

We can take for granted the technology pre-dating 2020 technology that gave rise to electronic gadgets that we put on silent mode and ‘block’ people out of because of seemingly endless interruptions. Now I find myself more welcoming of interruptions and more aware of other people’s need for solitude and company. Somehow I find myself savoring the memory of running to get the phone or the door because people actually used to call, approach and visit you for a good reason, and you look forward to seeing them. 

The new normal happened the day we were all asked to stay at home and observe social distancing. My new normal started four (4) years ago when I formally launched this small company on my own, working from home without an office. 
People, including my team and I learned how to pause, adjust, adapt and prepare for what lies ahead. No one knows what awaits us. If a struggling economy opens up, will it cause more uncertainty or re-launch businesses towards stability and preparedness? We will not know the answer for sure. When we hear stories of families and children going hungry, breadwinners losing their jobs, single-income households being deprived of meager source of income, casualties rising and the news getting more and more confusing and frustrating, there is a need to process what goes on in our hearts and in our minds. I would like to think that I am still aligned to my passion of creatively helping people solve problems using digital tools and channels. But if the world went off-the-grid and there was no internet, I know I will have the will to survive and continue to run the race. As long as people can think and as long as people honor humanity, there is a future to hope for. 
YOVEO is Spanish for “I See”. There is a reason I thought of this name for our company. YOVEO is born out of a hope for a bright future. 
May we remove the blinders caused by fear and confusion, and rest, knowing that miracles happen when we put feet to our faith and persevere.