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The YOVEO Digital Skinny Workshop™

Hiring experts can be costly for small and medium businesses with shoestring budgets. 
Small businesses don’t always have access to the skills and talent they need to boost their digital marketing. 
Get your marketing team back on track, boost their engagement and watch them get more leads, win more sales and make more loyal customers.
This is the idea behind the Digital Marketing Skinny Workshop™ . It is a way for small business marketers to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the basics of digital marketing. Attendees can watch and learn with our team of seasoned digital marketers. 

What you will learn:

Our 5-day, 30-hour workshop is jam-packed with practical tips that you can apply to your business immediately!

Why wait to empower your team?

Join the many solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs and business marketers who have attended our Digital Marketing Skinny Workshop™ and are now reaping the rewards of their investment–30 hours, 5 days.