Meta Foresees Layoffs

Massive Layoffs

The cause for Facebook’s quiet layoff is underperformance. In a media report, around 15% or 12,000 employees could be losing their jobs between now and the 2023 second quarter earnings call.

Besides the hiring freeze across the board, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, says the company is facing its “worst downturns that we’ve seen in recent history,” and that “Realistically, there are probably a bunch of people at the company who shouldn’t be here.”

The company is anticipating massive downsizing in the pipeline according to Bloomberg Reports.

Meta’s stock price went up to about $380 per share, but went to a steep 60% nosedive in the last year.

“Our plan is to steadily reduce headcount growth over the next year. Many teams are going to shrink so we can shift energy to other areas.”

Apart from the self-selection, Meta’s staff trimming approach is to put underperforming employees on traditional 30 to 60 day ‘lists’ to find a new role within the company or leave altogether.

In late September, Zuckerberg also stated that Meta will be reducing budgets and that teams will have to figure out how to operate with leaner staff.

Layoffs in tech, crypto and financial firms

Massive layoffs are happening in technology companies, crypto exchanges and financial firms. Job cuts and hiring freezes rise as the world experiences an economic downturn due to high interest rates, severe inflation and an energy crisis in Europe. More than 42,000 workers in the U.S. tech sector have been laid off in mass job cuts so far in 2022, according to a Crunchbase News tally. As of 30-September, 2022:


No. of reported layoffs

% workforce impacted

Announced/reported date




Company Status


DocuSign Unclear 9% 9/28/2022 e-signature San Francisco CNBC Public
Divvy Homes 40 12% 9/27/2022 PropTech San Franicsco The Information Private
Instacart Unclear Unclear 9/24/2022 delivery, e-commerce San Francisco The Information Private
Pesto Unclear 100% 9/23/2022 IT, future of work San Francisco Pesto announcement Private The layoffs were as a result of the company closing
Foxtrot 26 4% 9/23/2022 food and beverage, e-commerce Chicago Chicago Business Private
Klarna Unclear Unclear 9/22/2022 Fintech Stockholm Sifted Private It’s unclear how much of Klarna’s U.S.-based workforce was affected by the global layoffs in May. The company reportedly laid off around 650 employees total, representing about 10% of its total workforce. Klarna laid off an additional 100 people in September.
Kitty Hawk Unclear 100% 9/21/2022 aerospace Mountain View CNBC Private The company announced it would shutter
Compass Unclear Unclear 9/20/2022 Proptech New York Bloomberg Public
Curative 109 Unclear 9/20/2022 health diagnostics Los Angeles Digital Health Private
VideoAmp Unclear 2% 9/19/2022 Advertising platforms Los Angeles Company memo Private
DayTwo Unclear Unclear 9/15/2022 Health care, nutrition Walnut Creek, CA Calcalistech Private
LivePerson Unclear Unclear 9/15/2022 Customer service New York LinkedIn Public
WorkRamp Unclear Unclear 9/15/2022 Saas, enterprise software San Carlos, CA LinkedIn Private
Netflix 480 Unclear 9/14/2022 Media/entertainment Los Gatos Deadline Public First round of cuts in May affected around 150 employees, second round affected about 300. The most recent funding round cut 30 people.
Twilio 800 11% 9/14/2022 Enterprise Software San Francisco TechCrunch Public
Patreon 80 17% 9/13/2022 Social media San Francisco The Information Private
Taboola Unclear 6% 9/13/2022 Content marketing New York Calcalistech Public The company laid off over 100 people, per Calcalist
Sundae Unclear Unclear 9/13/2022 PropTech San Francisco Confirmed by CB News from sources Private
Rent the Runway Unclear 24% 9/12/2022 e-commerce, retail New York Wall Street Journal Public
Karbon Unclear 23% 9/12/2022 Productivity, task management San Francisco Stuart McLeod, CEO of Karbon Private
Sama Unclear Unclear 9/12/2022 AI, enterprise software San Francisco Sama Private
DreamBox Learning Unclear Unclear 9/9/2022 EdTech Seattle Geekwire Private
CommonBond Unclear 100% 9/9/2022 FinTech, loan repayments New York David Klein, CEO of CommonBond Private
Flowhub Unclear 15% 9/9/2022 Cannabis Dever Business Insider Private
FullStory Unclear Unclear 9/8/2022 SaaS, data Atlanta Scott Voigt, CEO of FullStory Private Unclear Unclear 9/8/2022 Proptech Santa Clara, CA SFGate Private Unclear 7% 9/8/2022 data analytics, national defense Columbia, MD Baltimore Business Journal Public
Medly Pharmacy Unclear 50% 9/7/2022 Pharmacy, health care New York Crain’s New York Private
Brave Care 40 33% 9/6/2022 Pediatrics, telehealth Portland The Oregonian Private The Orgeonian reported roughly 40 people have been laid off
Medium Unclear 25% 9/6/2022 Publishing San Francisco Lauren Newton, Head of People at Medium Private
Juniper Square Unclear 14% 9/6/2022 Proptech San Francisco The Real Deal Private
Innovaccer 120 8% 9/1/2022 Cloud Infrastructure, health care San Francisco Inc42 Private
The Wing Unclear 100% 8/31/2022 Coworking New York The Information Private
Snap 1280 20% 8/31/2022 Social media Venice, CA The Verge Public
GoodRx 140 16% 8/31/2022 Health care, pharmaceuticals Los Angeles Seeking Alpha Public
Apartment List Unclear 10% 8/31/2022 Proptech San Francisco CEO Matthew Woods Private
Nate 30 Unclear 8/30/2022 E-commerce New York The Information Private Nate reportedly had two layoffs. In June, the company laid of 30 people, or 20% of the company at the time.
Skillz Unclear Unclear 8/29/2022 Mobile Apps, Gaming San Francisco Seeking Alpha Public
Fungible Unclear Unclear 8/29/2022 cryptocurrency Santa Clara, CA Blocks & Files Private
Okta 24 Unclear 8/26/2022 Enterprise software, Management information systems San Francisco Unleash Public
Argyle 20 7% 8/26/2022 InsurTech New York TechCrunch Private
FreshDirect 40 Unclear 8/25/2022 Food delivery, ecommerce The Bronx, NY Philadelphia Business Journal Private Unclear 10% 8/25/2022 Digital marketing Santa Barbara, CA Private
ShipBob Unclear 7% 8/25/2022 Shipping, Logistics Chicago Business Insider Private
Pix Unclear Unclear 8/24/2022 Foodtech Napa, CA San Francisco Chronicle Private
Reali 140 100% 8/24/2022 PropTech San Mateo, CA Calcalistech Private
DataRobot 26% 8/23/2022 AI, enterprise software Boston The Information Private
Amperity 13 3% 8/20/2022 Saas, analytics Seattle Geekwire Private The startup laid off its recruting staff
Wayfair 870 Unclear 8/19/2022 E-commerce, retail Boston Boston Globe Public
Stripe 50 Unclear 8/19/2022 Fintech San Francisco TechCrunch Private
Thirty Madison Unclear 10% 8/18/2022 health care, wellness Greater New York area Fierce Healthcare Private Axios reported in May the company laid off roughly 3% of its staff, which amounted to 24 people at the time
New Relic 110 5% 8/18/2022 productivity, enterprise software Bay Area, CA MarketWatch Private
Tempo Automation 54 Unclear 8/17/2022 automotive San Francisco San Francisco Business Times Private
Malwarebytes 125 14% 8/17/2022 security, enterprise software San Francisco TechCrunch Private
Edmodo Unclear 100% 8/16/2022 Edtech San Mateo, CA EdSurge Private
Woven 5 15% 8/16/2022 Artificial intelligence, recruiting Indianapolis AdAge Private
Blend Unclear 25% 8/15/2022 Fintech, proptech San Francisco HousingWire Public
ThredUp Unclear 15% 8/15/2022 E-commerce, fashion Oakland, CA Retail Dive Public
Sema4 250 13% 8/15/2022 AI, health care Stamford, CT Sema4 Public
Almanac Unclear 30% 8/13/2022 Collaboration, productivity San Francisco LinkedIn Private
Orbit Unclear Unclear 8/12/2022 Productivity software San Francisco Orbit CEO Patrick Woods Private Orbit CEO Patrick Woods announced at least 14 people have been laid off
Core Scientific Unclear 10% 8/12/2022 Blockchain, cryptocurrency Austin Blockworks Public
TruePill 175 33% 8/11/2022 pharmaceutical, health care Hayward, CA TechCrunch Private
GoHealth 800 20% 8/11/2022 health care, health insurance Chicago Chicago Sun Times Public
Homeward 120 20% 8/11/2022 Real Estate, PropTech Austin The Real Deal Private
Calm 90 20% 8/11/2022 personal health, wellness San Francisco Wall Street Journal Private
Nutanix 270 4% 8/10/2022 data center, enterprise software San Jose SFGate Public
Sweetgreen Unclear 5% 8/9/2022 food and beverage, restaurants Washington, DC CNBC Public
Vroom 647 Unclear 8/8/2022 Auto, E-commerce New York Automotive News Public In May, the company cut 270 jobs, or 14% of its workforce. Vroom announced in August in laid off an additional 337 people.
Warby Parker 63 Unclear 8/8/2022 Ecommerce, Fashion New York City Insider Public
DataRobot Unclear Unclear 8/8/2022 Artificial Intelligence Boston Boston Globe Private In May, the Information reported the company would lay off 70 people, or 7% of its staff. In August, The Boston Globe said the startup would cut more staff.
Haus Unclear 100% 8/8/2022 food and beverage Healdsburg, CA TechCrunch Private
Groupon 500 15% 8/8/2022 ecommerce, retail Chicago TechCrunch Public TechCrunch reported the company laid off more than 500 employees
Daily Harvest Unclear 15% 8/8/2022 Food delivery, ecommerce New York City Fortune Private
iRobot 140 10% 8/5/2022 artificial intelligence, robotics Bedford, MA Geekwire Public
RingCentral 50 Unclear 8/4/2022 SaaS, meeting software Belmont, CA San Francisco Business Times Public
StubHub Unclear Unclear 8/4/2022 E-commerce, ticketing San Francisco StubHub on LinkedIn Private StubHub announced they would be letting go of the majority of their employees on a LinkedIn post
On Deck 73 Unclear 8/4/2022 Networking, business development San Francisco TechCrunch Private
Jam City Unclear 17% 8/4/2022 Mobile Apps, Gaming Culver City VentureBeat Private Venture Beat reported around 150 to 200 people were laid off
Beyond Meat 40 Unclear 8/3/2022 Foodtech Manhattan Beach, CA Bloomberg Public 149 Unclear 8/3/2022 Insurtech Miami, FL Miami Inno Private
Glossier 104 Unclear 8/2/2022 Beauty New York Modern Retail Private Glossier laid off 80 people in January. In August a source told Modern Retail it laid off roughly two dozen more people
Nylas 80 Unclear 8/2/2022 Software, Emails, API San Francisco Nylas Private
Latch 115 37% 8/2/2022 PropTech New York, NY Latch Public
Robinhood 1,013 30% 8/2/2022 Fintech Menlo Park Robinhood Public Around 300 people (9% of the company) were laid off in April. In August, Robinhood let go of around 23%, or 713, employees.
Outreach Unclear 5% 8/2/2022 Sales Tech Seattle LinkedIn Private Less than 5% of company was impacted by layoffs.
Oracle Unclear Unclear 8/1/2022 SaaS, enterprise software Austin The Information Public The Information reported thousands of people would be laid off
Imperfect Foods 50 Unclear 8/1/2022 Grocery, e-commerce, delivery service San Francisco San Francisco Business Times Private The San Francisco Business Times reported about 50 people were laid off
OnlyFans Unclear Unclear 8/1/2022 Social media, creator economy London Business Insider Private OnlyFans is based in the UK but has a sizeable workforce in the US
2U Unclear 20% 8/1/2022 Edtech Hyattsville, MD Inside Higher Ed Public
Shelf Engine 43 Unclear 7/29/2022 Food Tech, Software, Grocery Tech Seattle GeekWire Private LinkedIn estimates company had around 150 employees before layoffs.
Metromile 60 20% 7/29/2022 Insurtech, transportation San Francisco Crunchbase Public Crunchbase reported about 20% of employees were laid off following Lemonade’s acquisition
Career Karma 60 Unclear 7/28/2022 Career planning, social network San Francisco TechCrunch Private According to TechCrunch, sources said about a third of the staff was let go
Turntide 130 20% 7/28/2022 CleanTech, energy Sunnyvale, CA Business Insider Private Business Insider estimates around 130 people were laid off Unclear 19% 7/28/2022 CivicTech San Francisco Private
Rivian 840 6% 7/28/2022 electric vehicle, transportation Irvine, CA CNN Public
Vox Media 39 2% 7/27/2022 Digital media, journalism Washington, DC Axios Private Axios reported less than 2% of staff were laid off Unclear Unclear 7/26/2022 AI, Sales San Francisco LinkedIn Private
Shopify 1000 10% 7/26/2022 E-commerce Ottawa, Canada WSJ Public
Outbrain 38 3% 7/26/2022 Digital Marketing New York CTech Public
Pear Therapeutics 25 9% 7/25/2022 Software, Biotech Boston MassDevice Public
Boosted Commerce Unclear 5% 7/25/2022 E-commerce Los Angeles Business Insider Private
Clarify Health 15 5% 7/22/2022 Health Care San Francisco Axios Private
Capsule Unclear Unclear 7/21/2022 Health Care New York Crain’s New York Private
Rad Power Bikes 163 Unclear 7/21/2022 Transporation Seattle GeekWire Private First round of layoffs was in April, second round in July.
InVision Unclear Unclear 7/21/2022 Visual collaboration, Apps New York LinkedIn Private
Hydrow 70 35% 7/21/2022 Fitness Boston Boston Globe Private
Callisto Media 140 35% 7/21/2022 Analytics Emeryville, California Publishers Weekly Private
Lunchbox Unclear 33% 7/21/2022 Restaurant Tech, Food Tech New York Business Insider Private
WHOOP Unclear 15% 7/21/2022 Fitness Boston Front Office Sports Private
98point6 Unclear 10% 7/21/2022 Health Care Seattle GeekWire Private
RealSelf 11 5% 7/21/2022 Beauty tech Seattle GeekWire Private
Varo 75 Unclear 7/20/2022 Fintech San Francisco Axios Private
Arc 13 Unclear 7/20/2022 HR Tech Mountain View LinkedIn Private
Flyhomes 150 20% 7/20/2022 Real Estate, PropTech Seattle GeekWire Private An estimated 150 employees were laid off.
The Mom Project 54 15% 7/20/2022 Talent marketplace Chicago LinkedIn Private
Lyft 60 2% 7/20/2022 Transportation San Francisco WSJ Public
Olive 450 Unclear 7/19/2022 Health Care Columbus Olive Private
Invitae 1000 Unclear 7/18/2022 Health Care, Biotech San Francisco GenomeWeb Public
Elemy Unclear Unclear 7/18/2022 Health Care San Francisco Behavioral Health Business Private
TikTok Unclear Unclear 7/18/2022 Social Media Los Angeles Wired Private TikTok is owned by China-based ByteDance, but the layoffs affected staff in the U.S.
Lusha 30 10% 7/18/2022 Sales tech New York CTech Private
Gemini 68 7% 7/18/2022 Crypto New York TechCrunch Private
Vimeo 72 6% 7/18/2022 Media/entertainment New York Business Insider Public Layoffs affected around 72 employees, based on an estimate of Vimeo’s headcount.
Aspire 23 Unclear 7/15/2022 Marketing tech San Francisco Business Insider Private
Project44 63 5% 7/15/2022 Logistics Chicago FreightWaves Private
Alto Pharmacy Unclear Unclear 7/14/2022 Health Care San Francisco LinkedIn Private
OpenSea Unclear 20% 7/14/2022 Crypto, NFT marketplace New York Devin Finzer Private
Papa Unclear 15% 7/14/2022 Elder Care Miami LinkedIn Private
ChowNow 100 Unclear 7/13/2022 Restaurant Tech, Food Tech Playa Visa, California TechCrunch Private
100 Thieves 12 Unclear 7/13/2022 eSports, Media Los Angeles Dexerto Private More than a dozen employees were reportedly laid off.
Nuro 10 Unclear 7/13/2022 Transportation Mountain View The Robot Report Private
Spring Unclear Unclear 7/13/2022 E-commerce San Francisco Business Insider Private
Fabric 120 40% 7/13/2022 E-commerce, Logistics New York TechCrunch Private
Tonal 262 35% 7/13/2022 Fitness San Francisco CNBC Private
Microsoft Unclear Unclear 7/12/2022 Enterprise Software Seattle Crunchbase News reporting Public
GoPuff 1,950 Unclear 7/12/2022 E-commerce Philadelphia Bloomberg, The Information Private First round of layoffs was in March, second round was in July.
Adwerx 40 Unclear 7/12/2022 Digital Marketing Durham, North Carolina Inman Private
Hubilo 45 Unclear 7/12/2022 Virtual Events San Francisco Inc42 Private
Hopin 380 Unclear 7/11/2022 Virtual Event London TechCrunch Private Unclear how many U.S.-based employees were affected. First round of layoffs was in February, second round was in July.
SundaySky 24 13% 7/11/2022 Video Conferencing Software New York Globes Private Layoffs affect employees in the U.S., Israel, and Japan.
Forward Unclear 5% 7/11/2022 Health Care San Francisco Fierce Healthcare Private
Nextbite Unclear Unclear 7/8/2022 Restaurant Tech, Food Tech Denver Business Insider Private
Butler Hospitality 1000 100% 7/8/2022 Hospitality New York TechCrunch Private Company ceased operations, per reports.
NextRoll Unclear 3% 7/8/2022 Marketing Tech San Francisco Business Insider Private
Twitter Unclear Unclear 7/7/2022 Social Media San Francisco WSJ Public
Cedar Unclear 24% 7/7/2022 Health Care New York Business Insider Private
Emotive 30 18% 7/7/2022 SMS Marketing Los Angeles dot.LA Private
Next Insurance 150 17% 7/7/2022 InsurTech Palo Alto CTech Private
Argo AI 150 5% 7/7/2022 Transportation Pittsburgh TechCrunch Private
SQream Technologies 30 18% 7/6/2022 Data Analytics New York CTech Private SQream is based in New York, but most of the employees affected by layoffs are in Israel, accoring to CTech.
Remote 100 9% 7/6/2022 HR Tech San Francisco Publico Private
Bizzabo 120 30% 7/5/2022 Virtual Event New York CTech Private
Outschool 31 18% 7/5/2022 EdTech San Francisco TechCrunch Private
Verbit 80 10% 7/5/2022 Natural Language Processing New York CTech Private
Celsius 150 25% 7/3/2022 Crypto Hoboken, New Jersey CTech Private
LetsGetChecked Unclear Unclear 7/2/2022 Health Care New York Business Post Private
Teleport Unclear Unclear 7/1/2022 Cloud Infrastructure Oakland Teleport Private
WanderJaunt 85 100% 7/1/2022 PropTech, Real Estate San Francisco Short Term Rentalz Private Company shut down.
Canoo 58 6% 7/1/2022 Transportation Torrance, California Business Insider Private
Stream 10%-15% 6/30/2022 Communications Infrastructure Boulder Pragmatic Engineer Private
Enjoy 400 18% 6/30/2022 E-commerce, Delivery Palo Alto Bloomberg Public
Abra 12 5% 6/30/2022 Crypto Mountain View The Block Private
Snyk 30 5% 6/30/2022 Cybersecurity Boston Snyk Private
Modsy Unclear Unclear 6/29/2022 E-commerce San Francisco TechCrunch Private
Degreed Unclear Unclear 6/29/2022 EdTech Pleasanton, CA LinkedIn Private
AvantStay 80 Unclear 6/29/2022 Travel Los Angeles Skift Private
Baton 16 25% 6/29/2022 Transporation, Logistics San Francisco Freight Waves Private
HomeLight Unclear 19% 6/29/2022 Proptech, Real Estate San Francisco The Real Deal Private
Qumolo 80 19% 6/29/2022 Data storage Seattle GeekWire Private
Substack 13 14% 6/29/2022 Media, Content Creators San Francisco New York Times Private
AppLovin 300 12% 6/29/2022 Mobile Apps, Developer Tools Palo Alto Silicon Valley Business Journal Public
Niantic 85 8% 6/29/2022 Video Games, AR San Francisco Bloomberg Private
Unity 200 4% 6/29/2022 Video Games San Francisco WSJ Public
Sundae Unclear 15% 6/28/2022 PropTech, Real Estate San Francisco Real Trends Private
Bright Machines 30 8% 6/28/2022 Robotics San Francisco CTech Private
StockX 120 8% 6/28/2022 E-commerce Detroit The Information Private
Cue 170 Unclear 6/27/2022 Health Care San Diego GenomeWeb Public
SafeGraph 25% 6/27/2022 Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning San Francisco SafeGraph Private
Amount Unclear 18% 6/27/2022 FinTech Chicago TechCrunch Private
UiPath 210 5% 6/27/2022 Artificial Intelligence New York CNBC Public
Postscript 43 19% 6/26/2022 Marketing Tech, SMS Marketing San Francisco Alex Beller Private
Ethos Life 40 12% 6/24/2022 InsurTech San Francisco Coverager Private
Aura 70 9% 6/24/2022 Cybersecurity Boston Bank Info Security Private
Ro Unclear 18% 6/23/2022 Health Care New York TechCrunch Private
Esper Unclear 12% 6/23/2022 DevOps Seattle GeekWire Private
Community 40 Unclear 6/22/2022 Social Media Los Angeles Business Insider Private
MasterClass 156 20% 6/22/2022 Edtech San Francisco MasterClass CEO David Rogier Private 20% of the company was laid off, meaning an estimated 156 employees, per LinkedIn data.
SummerBio 101 100% 6/20/2022 Health Care, Diagnostics Menlo Park Bay Area Inno Private Company shut down.
Buzzer Unclear 20% 6/20/2022 Media, Sports New York Sportico Private
Finite State 16 Unclear 6/17/2022 Cybersecurity Columbus ColumbusInno Private
Nayya 16 15% 6/17/2022 Employee Benefits, HR Tech New York Crunchbase News reporting Private 16 people were laid off, according to the company.
Socure 69 13% 6/17/2022 Identity verification Reno Forbes Private
Zumper 45 15% 6/16/2022 PropTech San Francisco The Real Deal Private Layoffs affected 15 percent of Zumper’s approximately 300-person workforce, per The Real Deal.
JOKR 50 5% 6/16/2022 Food delivery, ecommerce New York TechCrunch Private
Notarize 110 25% 6/15/2022 Legal Tech Boston Boston Business Journal Private
Tonkean 23 23% 6/15/2022 Software San Francisco The Marker Private Layoffs affected 12 people in the United States, and 11 people in Israel, per The Marker.
Coinbase 1,100 18% 6/14/2022 Crypto San Francisco Coinbase Public
Compass 450 10% 6/14/2022 PropTech New York Bloomberg Public
TIFIN 21 10% 6/14/2022 FinTech Boulder Axios Private
Redfin 470 6% 6/14/2022 PropTech Seattle Bloomberg Public
BlockFi 170 20% 6/13/2022 Crypto Jersey City BlockFi Private BlockFi’s last known headcount was around 850, so the cuts represent around 170 positions.
DesktopMetal Unclear 12% 6/13/2022 3D Printing Burlington, Massachusetts MarketWatch Public
Keepe Unclear Unclear 6/10/2022 PropTech Seattle GeekWire Private
Liongard Unclear Unclear 6/10/2022 IT Infrastructure Houston CRN Private
Homie 122 40% 6/10/2022 PropTech South Jordan, Utah TechCrunch, Crunchbase News reporting Private Around 100 people were laid off in February. Another 22 people were laid off in June, the company confirmed to Crunchbase News.
Sonder Unclear 21% 6/10/2022 Hospitality San Francisco MarketWatch Public
Stitch Fix 330 15% 6/10/2022 Ecommerce, Fashion San Francisco CNBC Public
Albert 20 8% 6/10/2022 FinTech Los Angeles dot.LA Private At least 20 people were laid off from the 250-employee company, per dot.LA
Hologram 80 33% 6/9/2022 IoT Chicago Crain’s Chicago Business Private
OneTrust 950 25% 6/9/2022 Cybersecurity Atlanta OneTrust Private
Jellysmack Unclear 8% 6/9/2022 Media/Entertainment New York Business Insider Private
Convoy 90 7% 6/9/2022 Logistics Seattle GeekWire Private Around 90 people were laid off, based on recent estimates of the company’s headcount.
Deep Instinct Unclear Unclear 6/8/2022 Cybersecurity New York Crunchbase News Private
TruePill Unclear 15% 6/8/2022 Health Care Hayward, California TruePill Private
Progrexion 100 Unclear 6/7/2022 FinTech Salt Lake City Crunchbase News Private At least 100 employees were laid off.
ID.Me Unclear Unclear 6/7/2022 Identity verification McLean, Virginia Business Insider Private
Bird 138 23% 6/7/2022 Transporation Santa Monica TechCrunch Public
Sendoso 100 14% 6/6/2022 Marketing Automation San Francisco Business Insider Private
Dutchie 56 8% 6/6/2022 Cannabis Bend, Oregon GeekWire Private
Clubhouse Unclear Unclear 6/3/2022 Social Media, Audio San Francisco Bloomberg Private
Superhuman 23 22% 6/3/2022 Email Software San Francisco CEO Rahul Vohra Private
Stord 59 8% 6/3/2022 Logistics Atlanta Business Insider Private
Esme Learning 40 Unclear 6/2/2022 EdTech Newton, Massachusetts Esme Learning, Crunchbase News reporting Private
Eaze 25 Unclear 6/2/2022 Cannabis San Francisco Business Insider Private
Policygenius 170 25% 6/2/2022 InsurTech New York TechCrunch Private
IRL 25 25% 6/2/2022 Social Media San Francisco TechCrunch Private
Sourcepoint 7 13% 6/2/2022 Privacy Tech, Marketing Tech New York Crunchbase News reporting Private Company did not respond to a request to confirm details of layoffs.
Gemini Unclear 10% 6/2/2022 Fintech, Crypto New York Bloomberg Private
Carbon Health 250 8% 6/2/2022 Health Care San Francisco Carbon Health Private
Cybereason 100 Unclear 6/1/2022 Cybersecurity Boston CTech Private Affected employees are in U.S., Israel, and Europe.
Loom 34 14% 6/1/2022 Enterprise Communication San Francisco TechCrunch Private
Side Unclear 10% 6/1/2022 PropTech San Francisco Inman Private
Cerebal Unclear Unclear 5/31/2022 Health Care San Francisco Bloomberg Private Layoffs will take place by July 1.
Replicated 50 Unclear 5/31/2022 Enterprise Software Los Angeles Replicated Private Around one third of staff were impacted, per LinkedIn estimates.
Tomo 44 33% 5/31/2022 FinTech, PropTech Stamford Business Insider Private
Playtika 250 6% 5/31/2022 Gaming Tel Aviv Globes Public Closing studios in London, Montreal, and Los Angeles.
Coterie Insurance 30 20% 5/27/2022 InsurTech Cincinnati CincyInno Private
Terminus Unclear 15% 5/27/2022 Marketing Atlanta LinkedIn Private
Lacework 200 20% 5/26/2022 Cybersecurity San Jose The Information Private
Bolt 250 33% 5/25/2022 FinTech San Francisco Fortune Private
The Zebra 40 12% 5/24/2022 InsurTech Austin Coverager Private Around 12% of employees were laid off, per LinkedIn headcount data.
ClickUp Unclear 7% 5/24/2022 Productivity Tools San Diego Protocol Private
PayPal 83 0.27% 5/23/2022 Fintech San Jose The Information Public
Colossus 97 Unclear 5/20/2022 Solar, Software Massachusetts Axios Private
Outside Inc Unclear 15% 5/20/2022 Media/entertainment Boulder Denver Business Journal Private
Skillz 70 10% 5/20/2022 Esports/Video Games San Francisco TechCrunch Public
Talkdesk Unclear Unclear 5/19/2022 Customer service San Francisco Confirmed by CB News from source Private Sources say hundreds of employees have been laid off
Picsart 90 8% 5/17/2022 Media/entertainment Miami The Information Private
Zulily 99 10% 5/16/2022 E-commerce Seattle GeekWire Public Less than 10% and fewer than 100 employees were laid off.
Subspace Unclear 100% 5/13/2022 Media/entertainment Los Angeles LinkedIn Private Company shut down.
Latch 30 6% 5/13/2022 Smart Home, Security New York TechCrunch Public
Thirty Madison 24 3% 5/13/2022 Health Care New York Axios Private Per Axios, 22 of the employees laid off were from Thirty Madison, and two were from new parent company Nurx.
Zwift Unclear Unclear 5/12/2022 Fitness Long Beach DC Rainmaker Private
Tripwire Unclear Unclear 5/12/2022 Security Portland OregonLive Private
Section4 32 25% 5/12/2022 Edtech New York TechCrunch Private
Doma 310 15% 5/10/2022 Fintech, InsurTech San Francisco HousingWire Public
Carvana 2,500 12% 5/10/2022 Automotive, Ecommerce Tempe WSJ Public
Mural Unclear Unclear 5/6/2022 Product Design San Francisco Protocol Private
Reef 750 5% 5/6/2022 Food delivery, ecommerce Miami The Information Private
On Deck 72 25% 5/5/2022 Business development San Francisco TechCrunch Private
MainStreet 50 33% 5/4/2022 Fintech San Jose Insider Private Around 50 people were laid off.
Ideoclick 40 33% 5/4/2022 E-commerce Seattle Puget Sound Business Journal Private
Cameo 80 25% 5/4/2022 Media/entertainment Chicago The Information Private
Vise 25 25% 5/4/2022 Fintech New York CityWire Private
Thrasio Unclear Unclear 5/2/2022 E-commerce Walpole, MA Insider Private
Noom 495 25% 4/29/2022 Fitness/Digital Health New York Insider Private
Clyde 19 Unclear 4/25/2022 E-commerce New York External Spreadsheet Private At least 19 people were laid off
Better 5,000 50% 4/19/2022 Fintech New York TechCrunch Private laid off around 5,000 people in three rounds of layoffs over the course of five months. It had around 10,000 employees in December and has fewer than 5,000 now, per TechCrunch.
Blend 200 10% 4/19/2022 Fintech San Francisco HousingWire Public
Automox Unclear 11% 4/18/2022 Security Boulder LinkedIn Private
Halcyon Health Unclear Unclear 4/15/2022 Health Care New York Axios Private Company shut down
Ahead Unclear Unclear 4/14/2022 Health Care Santa Clara Bloomberg Private Company shut down
Food52 20 6% 4/8/2022 Media, E-commerce New York Digiday Private
Workrise Unclear Unclear 4/5/2022 Marketplace Austin TechCrunch Private
Fast 400 100% 4/5/2022 Fintech San Francisco The Information Private Company shut down, and at least 400 people were laid off, per estimates of Fast’s headcount
Rasa 59 40% 4/4/2022 Artificial Intelligence San Francisco Business Insider Private Rasa was founded in Berlin but moved its headquarters to San Francisco in 2019. Layoffs affected employees in the U.S., Germany, and U.K.
Grove Collaborative Unclear 17% 3/29/2022 E-commerce San Francisco Retail Dive Private
Curology 150 20% 3/16/2022 E-commerce San Francisco SF Business Times Private
Knock Unclear 46% 3/15/2022 Proptech New York The Real Deal Private
Sezzle Unclear 20% 3/10/2022 Fintech Minneapolis Reuters Public 20% of staff in North America
Hyperscience 100 25% 3/3/2022 AI New York The Information Private
Virgin Hyperloop 111 50% 2/22/2022 Transporation Los Angeles Fortune Private
Peloton 3,584 Unclear 2/12/2022 Fitness New York CNBC Public In February, Peloton laid off 2,800 employees, which was 20% of the company
Rhino 57 20% 2/3/2022 PropTech, InsurTech New York The Real Deal Private
Beachbody 70 10% 1/27/2022 Fitness Santa Monica Club Industry Public
Root Insurance 330 20% 1/21/2022 InsurTech Columbus Columbus Dispatch Public

The second half of 2022 has been tough. Tech giants are not immune in these uncertain times.