Product Photography: Tips and Hacks for Small Business Ecommerce Retailers

Pictures sell. 

In ecommerce, captivating product photography can make all the difference. Here are essential tips and creative hacks tailored for Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprise (MSME) retailers and ecommerce store owners to elevate your product photography game and drive sales, along with some Instagram photography hacks for a social media boost.


1. Invest in Good Lighting

– Creative Hack: Create DIY softbox lights using white fabric over a frame to diffuse light effectively.

– Instagram Photography Hack: Use Instagram’s built-in editing tools to adjust brightness, contrast, and warmth to enhance your lighting.


2. Use a Tripod for Stability

– Creative Hack: Repurpose a sturdy table or a stack of books to stabilize your camera if a tripod isn’t available.

– Instagram Photography Hack: Use Instagram’s grid feature to align your product perfectly within the frame.


3. Choose the Right Background

– Creative Hack: Experiment with textured wallpapers or even large tiles for a unique and eye-catching background effect.

– Instagram Photography Hack: Use Instagram’s Boomerang feature to add a subtle, intriguing movement to your product shots.


4. Focus on Composition

– Creative Hack: Incorporate unexpected elements like foliage or vintage props to add interest to your composition.

– Instagram Photography Hack: Use Instagram’s Layout app to create collages showcasing your product from different angles.


5. Experiment with Angles and Perspectives

– Creative Hack: Use a small mirror strategically placed to capture unique angles and reflections of your product.

– Instagram Photography Hack: Try Instagram’s Superzoom feature for a fun and attention-grabbing video snippet of your product.


6. Maintain Consistency Across Your Store

– Creative Hack: Create a custom shooting ‘corner’ with consistent lighting and background for quick, uniform product photography.

– Instagram Photography Hack: Use Instagram’s ‘Edit Profile’ feature to rearrange the order of your posts and maintain a visually pleasing feed.


7. Optimize Images for Web

– Creative Hack: Use online image compression tools like TinyPNG to retain image quality while reducing file size for faster web loading.

– Instagram Photography Hack: Use Instagram’s ‘Shrink to Fit’ option to maintain picture resolution within the square frame.


8. Utilize High-Resolution Images

– Creative Hack: Use stitching apps to combine multiple images for creating a super high-resolution image of your product.

– Instagram Photography Hack: Take advantage of Instagram’s ‘High Quality’ upload option for better image resolution.


9. Include Lifestyle Shots

– Creative Hack: Collaborate with influencers or customers to showcase your product in real-life scenarios.

– Instagram Photography Hack: Leverage Instagram Stories to create engaging behind-the-scenes glimpses of your product in action.


10. Capture Multiple Variations

– Creative Hack: Use a mirror to showcase the product’s back or side without needing a second camera setup.

– Instagram Photography Hack: Utilize Instagram’s Carousel feature to share multiple product variations in one post.


A little creativity goes a long way in making your product photography stand out in ecommerce. Investing in top-notch product photography isn’t just about pictures; it’s an investment in your brand’s story, credibility, and customer connection. 

I hope these tips and creative hacks help you improve your current product photos. You have the tools to take your ecommerce venture to new heights. Let your products tell a story that leaves a lasting imprint on your customers, and watch as your business blooms into a visual delight, captivating hearts and driving growth. Happy shooting!