The Secret Sauce of Search

How to Create Customer Experience by Delivering (Search) Results

I’ve asked Google more questions than I’ve asked my high school professor in Physics. And I’ve proven long since that no, Google doesn’t read minds or brainwaves.

Today, people search for answers by typing words in a search box. People find and reconnect with family and friends online. People shop online. People spend majority of their time online now more than ever.

As a digital marketer myself, I support the argument on keyword planning to be a critical part of any digital marketing initiative. If everyone goes online for everything customers need to know, business success is predicated on the effort it exerts in making their brand relevance by offering helpful answers to frequently asked questions, pain points and needs. Algorithms have shifted to becoming more human in nature. The way you expect a shopkeeper to respond to your question is the same way we expect any website or search engine to return results. I stress the keywords ‘Respond’ and ‘Results’.

People want information now

This hasn’t changed much, if not ever. People want quick access to reliable information so customers can solve their problem or fulfill a need. It’s like getting to the mall and knowing exactly where to go to get stuff on your shopping list. I’ve used this illustration one too many times with clients who think SEO solves their sales problems. I always reel them back to this example. SEO helps people find you and know more about what you sell. The sale happens when the very reason that customers found you is because customers are specifically looking for what you are selling. There is intent that ignited the whole process. It is not on a whim that customers suddenly decide to engage your service or buy your product.

WIIFM. The value now.

Does your site return the results or answers your customers look for when they find you ? The process that led them to you is driven by a need. The reason customers hang around and look around in your site is because you’re addressing one or two (or all) of their needs, or educating them about something that initially wasn’t a known need in the first place!

Skinny on Top Search Reasons

  • Research – Scouting, knowledge-building, information-gathering, awareness.
  • Shopping – Options. Options. Options.
  • Buying – Cost comparisons, Quality Reviews

Organizing how your site is optimized can benefit not only your site relevance but also your customers. Delivering an experience in the early stage of the client relationship makes you a valuable resource that your visitors and future customers won’t mind going back to until they are ready to engage. It’s rewarding to be able to share insights and engage in conversations with customers even if they aren’t ready to buy just yet. Brands build trust when it delivers value. Brands deliver value by focusing on the client experience even before a purchase happens.