Top Filipino Podcasts on Digital Marketing That You Should Follow

Growing up in the 90s, I was only familiar with the SONY Walkman™ and the stack of cassette tapes that made for a varied, richer listening experience. I remember how I used to patiently wait for my favorite song on the radio so I could record it on a blank tape. Definitely, from the first SONY Walkman™  to wireless earbuds, technology has shaped the way we access and consume information, entertainment, and goods, and services.

A quick history of Podcasts and Podcasting

So what is a podcast? According to WikipediaA podcast is an episodic series of spoken-word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening. A podcast series usually features one or more recurring hosts engaged in a discussion about a particular topic or current event.

Podcasting began in 2004 when Adam Curry and Dave Winer created iPoder, a program that allowed users to download radio broadcasts to their Apple iPods. By combining the words iPod and broadcast, the term podcasting was born.

From the first podcast to the second quarter of 2021, podcasting has grown significantly in popularity. According to, Spotify has 172 million premium subscribers worldwide, up from 144 million in the same quarter of 2020. Spotify’s subscriber base has more than doubled since early 2017.

Podcasts are now also gaining popularity in the Philippines despite a sluggish start. Filipinos have embraced this form of entertainment, and they embraced it really well!

According to a news article from ABS CBN News, Spotify podcast consumption in the Philippines has more than doubled between March 2020 and March 2021.

The pandemic has undoubtedly contributed to their increased popularity. It has given the naturally creative and quick-witted Filipinos a new platform to express themselves and listen to something other than music.

Millennial Filipino respondents increased their time spent listening to podcasts across all categories, according to a survey published by on audio listenership in the Philippines. Overall, between the first quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, the number of people listening to mental health podcasts increased by 629 percent.

Filipino Audio Listenership Statistics 2021

As podcasts gain popularity, more and more experts are now sharing their knowledge in different niches including digital marketing. Brands and content creators are now using podcasts to reach a wider audience. The best part is that Filipinos are now creating entertaining, informative, and witty podcasts about digital marketing. Isn’t this promising?

If you asked me about Podcasts a few years ago, I could never really tell you anything. But now, in no particular order, I’ve compiled a list of the Filipino Digital Marketing Podcasts from Google Podcast and Spotify in this article. Come on over and take a look!

1. The Gen Z Marketer is a weekly podcast hosted by marketing professional Jamiya Umali. It talks about marketing discussions, the power of integrated marketing communication and branding. This podcast appeals to young marketing professionals.


2. 5 Minutes Social Media Tips with Neil airs every Wednesday at 9 am PHT and is hosted by Philippines’ digital marketing expert Neil Dimapilis. Each episode is direct, information-rich, and simple to follow and understand. Even newbies will be able to learn from it. In this podcast, you can learn about social media tips, tricks, terminologies, and strategies that will help you succeed in just 5 minutes.


3. Breakfast to Business is a podcast that airs once a week and is moderated by TeamAsia’s Managing Director Bea Lim. This podcast provides food for thought in the areas of life, work, marketing, and branding. Entrepreneurs who are just getting started with branding and marketing will benefit the most from this podcast.


4. The PodCASH Show airs every Tuesday at 9 AM EST. This podcast hosted by Kai Villanueva discusses how to grow your brand and generate leads through your podcasts in a fun and easy way.



5. Freelance Blend Podcast varies in frequency and is hosted by Marv de Leon — business coach, author, speaker, digital strategist. This podcast is a perfect blend of a variety of topics, including freelancing, digital strategies, and entrepreneurship.


6. DigiPod also varies in frequency. This is the first Digital Marketing podcast in the country. Providing in-depth discussions on digital marketing concepts, trends, and best practices.



7. Nothing But Up also varies in frequency, sometimes it airs once a week or multiple times in a day. A podcast show hosted by a funnel expert and strategist. Jamir Angelo is also an automation specialist and has worked in digital marketing for many years in the Philippines.


8. The Leadership Stack Podcast airs multiple times a week. The Leadership Stack podcast is hosted by Sean Si, a serial entrepreneur and author of the books CEO at 22′ and ’50x your Business.’ He is the CEO and Founder of SEO Hacker. This is an entrepreneur-created podcast that will help you improve your leadership, teamwork, and profits. Discusses SEO, marketing, branding, and business growth.

9. BuzzManila Pinoy Social Media Marketing varies in frequency and is hosted by a Social Media Marketing Consultant, Drex de la Cruz. This podcast discusses social media facts and myths, marketing tips and experiences in the Philippines, and how social media can benefit local businesses.


10. Article & Design is a weekly podcast hosted by digital marketing strategist, Margaret Sulapas. This podcast is all about free lessons! From digital marketing, freelancing, finding clients, starting a business, and more. This podcast will benefit Filipino freelancers, small business owners, and digital agencies.


Podcast listeners multitask while doing chores, working, and driving. It’s free, and it’s simple to find, download, and stream. These audio programs appear to be gaining popularity and will likely become as popular as music in the future. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular around the world, and the Filipino business and public are expected to follow suit. What Pinoy Podcasts are you listening to right now? Share your favorites with us!


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