Video: Emerging Trend in Small Business Digital Marketing

Not all businesses are taking the step towards making video marketing a part of their content marketing strategy. I think they are missing a lot!

Videos are a great way to see if you are connecting with your audience and engaging them. You can share product photos on your social media, write blogs or beautiful descriptions, but there’s nothing more personal than a video. A video lets your customers have a multi-sensory experience of your brand.!

Using videos in your business invites them to be a part of your world. In effect, you are putting them ‘in the zone!

What is Video Marketing and why should we use it?

Video marketing according to hookle.netis the use of videos to promote and educate people about your product or service. Contrary to what usually comes to mind, it’s not just about creating a video advertisement pitching people to buy your products and services. There are several types of video marketing. Four of the most popular video marketing examples are:

  • product demos
  • customer testimonials
  • behind-the-scenes and
  • viral videos

The world of technology is constantly evolving. Video production is no exception. Who would have thought that YouTube would become the second largest search engine next to Google?

Today, YouTube has more than two billion monthly users worldwide, with 500 hours of video uploaded every minute. 

There’s also nothing stopping Tiktok from becoming a premium social media platform.

TikTok ranked second in terms of app downloads in January 2021, according to With nearly 62 million downloads in the first month of 2021.

As a business owner, you certainly would want to use video ads because:

  1. It increases engagement on your digital and social channels, educates your audience, and enables you to reach out to them in novel ways.
  2. Video not only gives us a real-time view of events, but it is also easy to share across multiple digital platforms.
  3. Anyone with internet access can watch or download a video. Anyone with a laptop or smartphone can create their own video in under an hour.
  4. Video marketing is a rising trend.

According to, mobile video ad spending in the U.S. expects to grow from 22.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 to 53.9 billion in 2025.

Like the rest of the world, The Philippines, in 2020, became a year of transition as a result of the pandemic. Despite the restrictions on creative production imposed by lockdowns, brands were still able to create ways to keep their businesses adapting to the changes. Video marketing proved to be a powerful tool to stay visible and connected with their target market.

Here are 10  businesses using video marketing as one way  to stay connected with their consumers:

Taho Klasiko logo

Taho Klasiko


Taho Klasiko is a young small food business known for its chilled taho with a twist. Its unique fusion of flavors provides its customers with a new and refreshing experience.


Their use of videos as part of their digital marketing strategy is one of the positive aspects of their rapidly growing popularity. They released their first product video in May 2020, and they’ve been regularly posting trendy videos on their Facebook and Instagram accounts since then.


Because of their creative approach, Taho Klasiko has been featured on GMA News TV’s food-oriented shows like Pinas-Sarap and Good News for their unique idea of turning the classic Taho into a refreshing drink that can compete with the more popular milk tea.

Aside from their initial four flavors of Taho Series, Taho Klasiko has now added Soya Series, Taho Sorbetes Series, Soy Coffee, and Latte Series to their growing menu.

Taho Klasiko quickly gained popularity and moved from an online store to a physical store to meet growing customer demand. And to reach a wider market, they took advantage of food delivery apps like Grab Food and Food Panda. As of writing, they currently have six branches with 6-10 employees per branch. And they are planning to continue the use of video marketing to reach a wider market.

Frequency of video posts: once a month

Social Media accounts:

Facebook: 6205 followers

Instagram: 500 followers

Supremo Barber logo

Supremo Barber

According to their Facebook account, Supremo Barber is a full-service gentleman’s barbershop dedicated to consistently providing its clients with world-class men’s grooming, high-quality services, and a relaxing atmosphere at an affordable price.

Supremo Barbershop, true to its name, exudes supreme taste in its ambiance and shop interior. Anyone who walks into one of Supremo’s branches will feel the sense of class and elegance that the company provides to each customer.

This supreme business has only been doing business for less than four years but already has 25 branches nationwide with six to ten employees per branch.

If you visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok accounts, you would see their fun, brief but attention-grabbing behind-the-scenes and client experience videos.

To promote their own line of pomade, they even have their own product commercial titled “Pano Ba Maging Pogi?” It’s also short and catchy, highlighting their product’s best features with a dynamic scene, beautiful imagery, and a clear call to action. The best part is, it is unforgettable! The product commercial highlights their brand in a way that sticks with the viewer, so even if it’s the viewer’s first time watching a Supremo’s video, they won’t easily forget it.

Frequency of video posts: multiple times a month

Social Media accounts:

Facebook: 68,668 followers

Instagram: 2628 followers

Tiktok: 1278 followers


Easy Brand Ph logo

Easy Brand Ph

According to their website, EASY BRAND is a “Beverage Food Service Solution” for leading local and international milk tea brands and coffee shops. The brand’s primary goal is to make every step as simple as possible without sacrificing quality.

EASY BRAND regularly posts marketing collateral on their social media accounts to demonstrate the quality and competitiveness of their products, with 90 percent of them being videos of easy-to-follow recipes and product demos.

Aside from their milk tea and coffee products, Easy Brand has a new product line, EasyPro. EasyPro is a sauce and condiment product line that helps foodservice businesses keep ingredients simple, accessible, and affordable. Celebrity chef, Chef Boy Logro, is the primary brand endorser.

Chef Boy Logro, like a true celebrity and master chef, does not disappoint Easy Brand’s target market by incorporating his cooking showmanship and his famous “Ping! Ping! Ping! and Yum! Yum! Yum!” lines in every EasyPro product demo video.

Most of their videos are less than ten minutes long, short, catchy, and guaranteed to keep viewers’ attention until the end.


Frequency of video posts: several times a week

Social Media accounts:

Facebook: 48,841 followers

Instagram: 17k followers

Youtube: 16K subscribers

Tala by Kyla logoTala By Kyla

Tala by Kyla is a jewelry company founded by women empowerment advocate Kyla Cañete in 2018, a young Gen Z entrepreneur. According to her interview with Candy Magazine, Kyla used her creative vision and dreams to bring her designs to life and build TBK.

She now has over two million customers following her Facebook page, as well as hundreds of thousands on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, thanks to her natural talent in digital marketing and selling. Today, she co-manages the company with her mother, with Kyla in charge of marketing design and her mother in charge of internal operations.

You won’t find much-written information about the company if you visit one of TBK’s social media accounts. What will welcome you is the stunning, eye-catching, high-quality content posted on each platform, such as their great product shots, mesmerizing product videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and videos of previous live events.

In their short videos, Kyla also shares her personal stories and asks for suggestions and feedback from her followers, which is a great way to interact and connect with her customers-her fellow millennials, and Gen Zs.


Frequency of video posts: several times a week

Social Media accounts:

Facebook: 2,116,705 followers

Instagram: 878k followers

Youtube:  6500 subscribers

Tiktok: 371k followers

Hiraya Pilipina logo

Hiraya Pilipina

Another Gen Z-owned company is Hiraya Pilipina. Hiraya Pilipina is a lifestyle brand that makes empowering statement tees, totes, and abaca masks that speak for women. It encourages women to wear powerful t-shirts that remind them of their vision.

Its vision is to build a community of women in the Philippines who are deeply empowered to speak their minds and use this empowerment to inspire others.​

Hiraya Pilipina continues to promote its advocacies through its compelling content on social media, as part of its mission to be known as the Philippines’ most women-empowering brand by 2026.

Cleo, the teen CEO, promotes her brand and advocacy through her own website, social media pages, and podcast. Another thing I like about Hiraya Pilipina’s videos is how they explain their products. She regularly shares product videos, from concept to production on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.


Frequency of video posts: a couple of times a week

Social Media accounts:

Facebook: 5,053  followers

Instagram: 13.9k followers

Youtube: 16.1k subscribers

Tiktok: 24.1k followers

Lola Nena’s 

Lola Nena’s started in 2012 as a home-based business selling Pichi Pichi to friends. Fast forward to today, Lola Nena’s already has 16 branches nationwide.

They expanded their menu over time to include various merienda products. Their 3 Cheese Donuts, Pancit, and bottled products complement their OG Special Pichi Pichi.

Their goal is to become the “go-to” spot for all merienda cravings. They are proud to be an all-Pinoy team and encourage their customers to support the local industry.

What makes Lola Nena’s stand out from other pastry or bakery businesses is not the hype, but their personal approach to reaching their customers. Their social media content is always inclusive, customer-oriented, and feel-good. Their captivating videos tell about people experiencing Lola Nena’s in a personal way. The happiness in serving their customers is evident in each video they post.

Humor is a great way to keep people watching. Lola Nena’s mini-films of Lola Nena, Where Do Broken Hearts Go?, Ginto sa Gitna ng Dagat and Si Siopao, Si Donut o Si Pichi, will never fail to put a smile on its viewers. While Sing-Along with Lola takes advantage of Pinoy’s love for singing, it encourages viewers to sing along with popular videoke songs. Lola Nena’s video elements take the viewer on a journey, one that will cause each viewer to spend more time on their accounts.

Overall, Lola Nena’s use of video marketing is so witty and on-point that it captures the heart of its viewers as it incorporates Pinoy culture and good vibes into each video content they produce.


Frequency of video posts: multiple times a week

Social Media accounts:

Facebook 169,482 followers

Instagram 33.6k followers

Tiktok 78.6K followers


Bryter Events Studio logoBryter Events Studio

Bryan Termulo, the young and talented owner of Bryter Events, owns this Digital Photo and Video Services company. Bryter Events is a team you can rely on that aims to exceed customer expectations by delivering excellent quality service by capturing unforgettable memories of a lifetime.

It  is now one of the most fast-rising and prominent photography firms, covering a wide range of events and occasions. It is well-known for providing excellent, professional, timely, and creative photography services.

Bryter Events intends to keep its social media presence active by regularly posting photos and videos of its events and clients. Their videos demonstrate their expertise and assist their viewers in developing trust and meaningful connections with them.

In each video, Bryter Events never fails to elegantly and intimately capture their clients’ personalities and emotions on every occasion.

Frequency of video posts: once a week

Social Media accounts:

Facebook 14,508  followers

Instagram: 648 followers

Max Mango LogoMax Mango 

Max Mango is a dessert shop and smoothie bar that serves whimsical sweet treat twists on a Pinoy favorite dessert, the mango float, plus many other smoothies that the child and the child at heart will enjoy!

Max Mango opened its first branch in Sampaloc, Manila, in 2018. Today, the company has expanded to over 60 locations nationwide in just three years. According to its young owner Jochell Quiñones, Max Mango started as a small street business using a tent as their roof with only one flavor to offer, Mango Overload.

The mango-inspired social media pages of its main branch are not only an overload of vibrant product images but it boasts of video clips from celebrities and influencers who have tried Max Mango products. The video of Max Mango in Korina Sanchez’s Rated K is also pinned to the top of their Facebook page.

Max Mango clearly relies on video marketing as part of its marketing strategy, in addition to compelling product images. Others may not have the opportunity to create a viral video as part of their marketing strategy, but Max Mango has the advantage of having multiple celebrity endorsements.


Frequency of video posts: multiple times a week

Social Media accounts:

Facebook 13,983 followers

Instagram: 2577 followers

Alvarez Park Cafe logoAlvarez Park Cafe

Good food + good view = Alvarez Park Cafe.

Alvarez Park Cafe is a refreshing little oasis in the heart of Valenzuela City. It’s a breakfast place, specialty cafe, seafood restaurant and a fishing port.

You can eat breakfast while watching the sunrise in its alfresco dining. Take in the scenery and fresh air while fishing, and stroll through its mini-park while listening to live music.

Alvarez Park Cafe is just one of the few rising alfresco restaurants in Tagalag Fishing Village, but what sets it apart from the rest is its way of connecting with its audience and its use of digital marketing to promote its business. Alvarez Park Cafe uses behind-the-scenes videos to showcase its company’s personality. It uses these marketing videos to open the door and allow people to see its culture, employees, and processes.

The more customers who watch its videos, the more familiar they become with Alvarez Park Cafe and what it has to offer. And as time went on, more and more people wanted to go there.


Frequency of video posts: a couple of times a week

Social Media accounts:

Facebook: 21,247 followers

Instagram: 1000 followers

Gryn Wasabi Sushi Bar logoGryn Wasabi Sushi Bar 

Gryn Wasabi Sushi Bar started serving affordable sushi and other Japanese dishes to customers in 2009. What makes this restaurant stand out is that it serves maki, sushi, and siomai in bilao platters, making it ideal for small and large groups.

Since its inception, Gryn Wasabi Sushi Bar has grown to over 20 locations nationwide. And like other businesses they rose above the pandemic by coming up with new dishes which are not just group meals but also for individual consumers with its Jappy Meals.

It’s also noticeable that Gryn Wasabi has been more visible online since the start of the pandemic. It has utilized social media to build a stronger connection with its consumers by consistently posting marketing collateral including product videos.

To stay connected with their customers, Gryn Wasabi created their own interactive video segments such as Jappy Bingo and Tanong Ko Sagot Mo. They were never afraid to be creative in their approach, which is highly essential in digital marketing.

Frequency of video posts: multiple times a week

Social Media accounts:

Facebook: 456, 880 followers

Instagram: 7903 followers

TikTok: 251 followers

According to a survey by, 93 percent of consumers say video helps them decide whether or not to buy a product. Definitely, these businesses have seen the power of video marketing and its benefits to their companies. They belong to the 8 out of 10 businesses that use video in their marketing campaigns as a way to connect with their consumers. 

These companies come from various industries, but they all have one thing in common: they used the power of video marketing to rise above the pandemic, stay connected with their customers, and promote, brand, and grow their businesses online.

The rise of video marketing provides a fantastic opportunity for small businesses to up their game. Consumers expect brands of all sizes and industries to communicate with them via video, as video continues to be preferred over other forms of content. People prefer a combination of popular and personalized approaches.

We’re seeing massive shifts in digital video viewership and preferences all over the world. The hard fact is that video marketing should now be immediately integrated into your digital marketing strategy. If you don’t, you risk falling behind your competitors.